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Founder of The Conversion Therapy Dropout Network Files Complaint Against His Conversion Therapist.

The Conversion Therapy Dropout Network’s Founder, Curtis Galloway, has filed a complaint with the Kentucky Board of Social Work against Joseph A. Williams, a licensed clinical social worker based in Mayfield, Kentucky. Curtis is represented by The Kentucky Youth Law Project, Inc. (KYLP), and Born Perfect, a project of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR). In the complaint, Curtis states that Williams subjected him to the unethical and discredited practice of conversion therapy when he was sixteen. This, in turn, caused Curtis to experience serious and lasting harm.

The Conversion Therapy Dropout Network stands behind Curtis entirely and unwaveringly as he navigates this important step in his healing process from conversion therapy. We also sincerely thank KYLP and Born Perfect for representing Curtis so that this conversion therapist may answer for his actions. Curtis is passionate in his advocacy against conversion therapy, and his decision to take action against his own conversion therapist does not come lightly, and no doubt resurfaces traumatic memories.

During Curtis’ conversion therapy, Williams incorrectly told Curtis’ parents that being gay is a disorder that he could purportedly cure.

Being that conversion therapy, and its many aliases, is unethical, discredited, and overwhelmingly harmful, Curtis’ complaint asserts that Williams violated multiple professional and ethical standards and should be investigated and disciplined by the Kentucky Board of Social Work (KBSW). The complaint also asks the KBSW to investigate Williams for subjecting his patients to conversion therapy and impose appropriate sanctions to prevent him from subjecting other patients to this dangerous practice.

“I am filing this complaint to hold Mr. Williams accountable and to ensure that no other person experiences the guilt and shame that people like him inflict on their patients,” said Curtis.

This complaint follows on the heels of a recent push to outlaw licensed mental health providers from practicing conversion therapy in Kentucky.

If you or a loved one have experienced the abuse of conversion therapy, please, reach out to the Conversion Therapy Dropout Network. All calls and emails are kept confidential. You will be connected with another survivor who is willing to speak to you about your experience and/or help provide the support you need.


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