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Conversion Therapy Dropout Network’s Thoughts on McKrae Game

It is not every day that a conversion therapy ministry leader comes out as gay and uproots their life to help fight the practice they once supported. However, earlier this month, that is exactly what happened.

McKrae Game of South Carolina founded the Truth Ministry, and later joined the board of Hope for Wholeness, a conversion therapy practice. There he administered conversion therapy. Now, Game has come out against conversion therapy and has begun campaigns against it; apologizing to those who he has harmed and asking for forgiveness.

Many have been quick to meet his apology with anger and disgust; labeling him as an irredeemable traitor. Many have also praised him for his bravery and felt sympathy for his journey. And many have mixed feelings about the whole situation, feeling anger for what he has done, but also want to embrace him as a survivor of conversion therapy.

The Conversion Therapy Dropout Network has been watching Game since his announcement went viral, and we are impressed by his actions. Not only has this individual lived a majority of his life in a degrading and manipulative ministry, but now he has revealed his true self to the world in an act of utter exposure. Something that is very hard to do, especially for those who have survived conversion therapy.

Make no mistake, what Game did was abhorrent and negatively impacted the lives of others. However, it is our belief that he is also a survivor of conversion therapy. Although his narrative does not match typical conversion therapy stories, he was subjected to conversion therapy and as a result, he bought into the rhetoric. Now, Game must live with not only what was done to him, but what he has done to others.

McKrae Game has begun to turn his story into a narrative that can help end conversion therapy. It is a powerful tool that we need in a time that conversion therapy is being dragged into the light. He does not have to be forgiven right now, and those whom he has harmed will likely take a long time to come to terms with it, if at all. Game is a survivor of conversion therapy and he is trying to use his experience for good. The Conversion Therapy Dropout Network welcomes him to the community of survivors and holds high expectations that he will work hard to fight to end conversion therapy.

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